Many scholars view coordination as a separate function of management. Even Henry Fayol included coordination amongst one of the elements of management. However, since coordination is all pervasive and permeates every function of management, it is better to consider coordination as the overall function or the essence of management. Coordination is the orderly synchronization of group efforts to provide the proper amount, timing, directing and cooperation of execution resulting in harmonious and unified actions to stated objectives. Coordination deals with the harmonizing the work relations and efforts at all levels for the common purpose. It is the process of bringing together the various diverse elements into one harmonious whole. It means working together for the common goal by voluntary action. The whole idea of coordination is to adjust and reconcile individual efforts to make group efforts more effective and help in the achievement of common objective.

Definition of Coordination:

According to Henry Fayol, "To coordinate is to harmonize all the activities of a concern so as to facilitate its working and its success".

According to E.F.L Breach, "Coordination is the balancing and keeping together, the team by ensuring a suitable allocation of tasks to various members and seeing that the tasks are performed with due harmony among the members themselves".

According to Haimann, "Coordination is not a separate activity of management. It is the organ of all other managerial functions like ? planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling".