Levels of Management

Following persons are included in managerial hierarchy:

  1. Promoter: Full owner or owner in parts, top management officials and director or salaried businessman etc.
  2. Junior executive manager etc.
  3. Experts, technicians, scientists, engineers, advocates etc.
  4. First line supervisors.

According to renowned scholar C.P. Alford and H. Russel B.T.: Management can be divided in five levels:

  1. Top Management
  2. Upper middle management
  3. Middle Management
  4. Supervisors Management
  5. Operating Force

There is no definite number of levels of management. The number of levels is determined by the nature of business and its size. In practice it is difficult to slice management hierarchy into specific levels because various layers of authority constitute an integrated pyramid. However, different levels of management may be classified into following categories:

  1. Top level management
  2. Middle level management
  3. Lower level or supervisory management