Meaning of Organising

Organising in its formal sense refers to a collectivity of persons engaged in pursuing specified objectives. Management is an art of getting work through the individuals and these individuals are totally different from each other in their likes, dislikes, and methods of performing the work. These individuals in the enterprise cannot be left to perform in their own way. Here, arises the need to distribute the work among them and to assign them authority and responsibility for the achievement of organisational objectives. So organising is coordinated efforts of the individuals working in an enterprise to achieve its goals.

Definition of Organising

According to Haney, “Organisation is harmonious adjustment of the specialised parts for the accomplishment of some common purpose or purposes.”

In the words of Mc Farland, “An identifiable group of people contributing their efforts for the attainment of the common goals is called organisation.”

According to Urwick, “To determine the activities necessary to complete any work and distribution of those activities among persons is called organisation.”

To establish coordination between different departments and activities of the different persons is called organisation.