Meaning of Recruitment

After estimating the manpower requirements the next process is the procurement function. Recruitment ensures the number of persons necessary to continue the operation of the organisation. The term recruitment applies to the process of attracting potential employees towards the organisation. It is a systematic means of finding and inducing available candidates to apply to the company for the employment. The recruitment includes the identification and evaluation of the sources of the manpower. It is an important function of personnel administration and a major step in the total staffing process. So, recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and encouraging them to apply for the jobs in the organisation. It aims at securing as many qualified applicants for jobs as possible so as to decrease the hiring ratio.

Definition of Recruitment

According to Davis, "Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment."

According to Flippo, "Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the organisation."

Recruitment process is concerned with the identification of possible sources of human resource supply and tapping those sources.

Factors affecting Recruitment

Recruitment is affected by the following factors:

  1. Size of the organisation.
  2. Employment opportunities in the community where the organisation is situated.
  3. Working conditions, salary, and incentives packages offered by the organisation.
  4. The rate of the growth of the organisation.
  5. Cultural, economic, and legal factors etc.