Meaning and Definitions of Staffing

Meaning of Staffing:

Basically, the staffing function of management refers to the manning of an organisation structure, which would otherwise remain an empty shell of job positions. It is concerned with the determination of the manpower requirement, recruitment, selection, placement, training, development, job transfer, and appraisal of the personnel to fill the organisation positions. Previously, the staffing was considered as the part of organising but now for the purpose of giving importance to the manning of the organisational roles, staffing is separated from organising and is treated as a distinct function of management.

Definition of Staffing

According to Koontz and O Donnel, "Staffing is the executive function which involves the recruitment, selection, compensating, training, promotion, and retirement of the personnel".

In the words of Theo Haimann, "Staffing is concerned with the placement, growth, and development of those members of the organisation whose function is to get things done through the efforts of the other individuals".

Staffing as a managerial function brings people with required skills into the organisation and develops them into valuable organisational resource.