Types of Solutions

Depending on the types of solvents and its combination with the solutes, there may be various types of solutions.

When solvent is Gas

  1. Gas + Gas e.g.- Mixture of Gases, CO2 in air, N2 in air.
  2. Gas + Liquid e.g.- Moisture (water vapour), mist
  3. Gas + solid. e.g.- Sublimation of solid in air like I2 , NH4Cl Camphor, Carbon in air (smoke)

When Solvent is Liquid

  1. Liquid + Gas e.g.- Dissolved O2 in water or Soda Water (dissolved CO2 in Water).
  2. Liquid + Liquid e.g.- Alcohol or Acetone in water
  3. Liquid + solid e.g.- salt or sugar in water.

When solvent is Solid

  1. Solid + Gas e.g. - Solution of hydrogen in Nickel.
  2. Solid + liquid e.g.- Sodium amalgam with Mercury
  3. Solid + Solid e.g.- Alloys (Brass, German Silver, Bronze)