CBSE’s New Curriculum And A One-Stop Solution To Tackle It

Nov 12, 2021


New Special Scheme For 2021-22 CBSE: Everything You Need To Know!

 In response to the persisting situation, CBSE has introduced a Special Scheme for the academic year 2021-22. To ensure students’ safety as the world incurs wave after wave of Covid-19 pandemic, they have split board examinations into two different terms - Term I and Term II or Year-end Examination.

 We believe it is our responsibility to help you keep up with the latest developments in the most crucial examinations of a student’s high school life. So without any further delays, here are the key differences between Term I and Term II -     

 Time Duration

The time duration for Term I’s examinations will be 90 minutes, while the test duration for Term II will be 2 hours.


 Since the syllabus will be rationalised, students can expect some omission. As for the division, approximately 50%  of the entire syllabus will be tested in Term I and another (approx.) 50% of the entire syllabus in Term II.

 As for the rationalisation, CBSE has released its new curriculum which can be accessed here

 Type of Questions

Term I will test students on the basis of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) taken on an OMR sheet. 

Term II will be conducted through different types of questions like case based or situation based questions along with open-ended short answer / long answer questions. It is to be noted that if the situation persists, Term II can also be held as a 90 minute MCQ test. 

Conducted In

Term I is set to be conducted in November - December 2021. Meanwhile, Term II is going to take place in March - April 2022.

 Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s explore some conditionals -

 If the situation improves in regard to the pandemic and school and exam centres open safely then the board will conduct Term I and Term II examinations and the theory marks will be distributed equally between the two exams.

 If the pandemic situation is not conducive in November-December 2021 but Term II exams are successfully held then Term I MCQ exams will be held online/offline from home. If that happens then the weightage of Term I exams in the final score will be reduced and weightage of Term II exams will be increased for the final result.

 If the pandemic situation is not conducive in March - April 2022 and results in schools being shut but Term I exams are held then the results would be based on the performance of students on Term I MCQ based examination and internal assessments. The weightage of marks of Term I examination conducted by the Board will be increased to provide year end results of candidates.

 If the pandemic situation causes a complete shutdown of schools in 2021-2022 forcing students to take Term I and Term II exams from home then the results would be computed on the basis of the Internal Assessment/Practical/Project Work and Theory marks of Term-I and II exams taken by the candidate from home in Class X / XII subject to the moderation or other measures to ensure validity and reliability of the assessment.

 In all the above cases, data analysis of marks of students will be undertaken to ensure the integrity of internal assessments and home based exams.

 Source - CBSE

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