Importance Of Educational Apps For Studies And Exam Preparation

Nov 12, 2021

The IT era has transformed everything it has touched. From groceries to other services, all things have found a place for themselves under the fast-growing umbrella of technology. Changing ways has never been so convenient before but can the technological impact be stretched all the way to CBSE exam preparation? Let’s explore!

Data taken from states that around 81% of students have embraced digital learning technology for its ability to help them improve their grades, while another 81% reported improved efficiency and effectiveness and a total of 69% claimed improved focus while studying. 

Here is how Ed-tech apps support students’ CBSE exam preparation – 

Varied Functionalities – These days there is an app for everything. Even within the education space, there is an app for note-taking, another that specialises in test-taking and then there are all-in-one apps that pack the whole exam preparation kit like the one offered by Xamidea’s editorial board; driven by our in-house developers.

Personalisation of Learning – Every student learns and registers individually. In classrooms, it’s impossible to ask the educator to pace down or up. It’s also considered disruptive to ask questions or pose demands. Fortunately, e-learning eliminates the embarrassment and allows a personalised learning experience for every student.

Comfort in Learning – With the help of apps, learning can now be done at students’ preferred pace. Virtually unlimited access and easily availed assistance also add to this feature.

Far and Virtual Reach – Education is the right of every child and these apps help them go digital. Online accessibility ensures that lessons reach every child despite their location or means. This opens up doors where there were only walls before. This feature helped save many lives during the Covid-19 outbreak, it is a testimony to the adaptability that these online study resources can offer to each and every child.

Time-saved – Time that is saved by the efficacy and astuteness of digital learning can be utilised by the students towards self-care and regenerative hobbies. In many cases, transportation cost or other charges can also be saved if a student chooses a study app for their preparation. 

Advantages of Educational Apps

Automated Intelligence – AI is the by-product of a wide array of features offered by different apps. There’s a lot of data to process before apps like Grammarly, Photomath, or Xamidea’s own Test feature can offer students the best service they deserve. Accuracy is the key here and for that AI has come to offer solutions that are quick and result-driven.

Convenience and Efficacy – Everything offered in an app is on the go. Because of this, study apps for students offer an ease-of-use. They are fast to download, fast to connect with other accounts and easy to update. The same syllabus that may need another copy to be printed yet can be updated in a matter of minutes on an app. Similarly, the efficacy this speediness brings becomes merit for the students who are happy to be bothered with one less problem.

Lower Cost – While some apps are free, others offer reasonable options either for their add-on features or for the whole package sometimes. Either way, these apps function in a highly competitive environment since Edtech is a fairly booming industry, and rightly so. This in turn helps keep the price low and the value offered high.

Easy Specialisation – Specialisation is a useful feature that only apps offer at smaller levels. Some apps help you keep focused, while others help you with your CBSE exam preparation. There is no limit to what these apps offer since they don’t work within a designated time frame as offline classes do.

Mobility – Did you know that for every book that you may have bought from the Xamidea book series, you can now access an e-book on our app? Such is the power of education technology. The devices which previously kept you distracted can now be equipped with everything you might need for your CBSE exam preparation. Add on this no heavy lifting of the printed books.

Room For Improvements – Apps are constantly being updated and most of the time these new updates are rolled out on popular demand or feedbacks. It’s easy to offer feedback directly to the developer’s team when it comes to apps. There is also a very good chance of being heard, especially if your concern is genuine and practically useful.

Purpose & Coverage – Even within the Edtech industry, there are different sections or types of applications that work towards supporting the students. These days, study apps for students include sample paper apps, exam solutions apps, question paper apps, etc. While it is easier to find such resources, some apps also offer a one-stop solution for online exam preparation.

Testing & Personalised Reports – Think you need more practice? Many exam preparation apps offer plenty of practice tests to satisfy your requirements. Some apps, including Xamidea, also offer personalised tests for every subscriber. For such apps, the service sometimes also extends to providing analysis reports based on students’ performance. These reports may cover strengths and weaknesses graphs and the overall progress throughout the test sessions. 


As you can see, learning apps have received many students’ vote of confidence for consequential reasons. As the ways of studying pivot, newer solutions get added to the digital space for online exam preparation. All this makes apps better than before in assisting digital learning and preparation. With features like Automated-Intelligence, a lower cost – that comes with higher convenience and value – as well as customised study experience and mobility, online study apps win out against other options like offline courses, which are known to be limiting and even dangerous given the current pandemic situation.

Happy studying!