How To Waste Your Time Effectively

Nov 11, 2021

Wasting time is seen as a notoriously bad thing. However, wasting time doesn’t have to mean that you gain nothing out of the experience. We believe that there are things students can indulge in that could alter their free time into a productive endeavor of learning, growing, and having fun. Explore our list of ways to manage your time wasted so you may waste it well.

Offline Educational Courses

While it’s not safe to go out just yet, most of us have older siblings or cousins who have a lot to offer knowledge-wise. You might think, of course, I ask my older sister for advice but actually, not everyone does so easily. You see, siblings have dynamics that are different from one that you might have with a mentor. But that doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. 

You may see them as your mortal enemy during movie nights or whenever there’s an extra slice of pizza left but trust us they have been through things and made mistakes they’d rather you don’t make and most of the older siblings are happy to offer advice on the same. They can also hook you up with their other friends who have more knowledge than themselves on a particular issue. Either way, they are someone to count on!  

Try At Online competitions

While you wait to win in life, there are many online competitions like poetry, creative writing, etc., that you can try your luck at. You can also enroll in a good finance academy like that of Goela School of Finance. As a teenager entering the adult hustle, this is as good a time as any to start learning crucial life skills including that of building your wealth. 

We’ve all heard that slow and steady wins the race but are you even in that race yet? Make sure to know your options. Consult a career counsellor, learn a language native to the country you’d like to move to; take it from us, they do not speak much English in Europe and just enjoy your free time. Waste it but enjoy that! 

Meditate And Keep It Real!

We know you’re already sitting down. So just take a deep breath in and repeat after us, intrusive thoughts are not real! But seriously, you might think that meditation is not your thing or that you’re too young for meditating but this is just the time to start aligning yourself and your growth process with who you are deep within and what values you hold dear. 

Millennials were the first generation who started shifting towards self-employment. It was the age of self-awareness and self-empowerment. Generation Z is already a part of “the shift” so it is even easier for you to build a life that aligns with your values. 

Keep in mind that sometimes these values change with age and it is nobody’s fault. For example, you might want to hustle hard at a younger age and rest easy later or you may also want a simpler life, the one that is uniform and wholesome. It’s completely your choice. Just make smart decisions with your wealth and never put all your eggs in one basket (literally and monetarily speaking). 

Meet New People

You may be an introvert, half rock-half person, but your tribe is out there and they’re missing someone exactly like yourself. Join female entrepreneur groups for resin art fanatics or a book club made in secrecy for Ayn Rand, but do something! Create some traction in your life of ideas and co-curricular. Many of us try new things as we leave high school but many of us fall into the temptation of staying in our bubble. Unhappy with the way life is going right now? Change your ways to receive different results. 

Of course, we don’t suggest taking too much on. That is not productive, it’s just inefficient and results in burnout. So switch it up and keep it simple.

Read, Visualise, Repeat

With nowhere to go and no one to meet, where are you getting your thoughts stimulated from? With the world giving off scary vibes right now, it is best to put your mind to a better one elsewhere. Where? Books of course! Not a big reader? Well, you must like movies then. No? Shows? 

Movies feel like antique mediums these days and books even more so. But the variety of worlds they hold the doors to is just appalling. Even if you’re an ENTJ or an INTJ personality type, it’s still important to flex your imaginative abilities. 

How are stories relevant to our present?

Stories have a lot to offer regardless of the format they’re consumed in. While true ones shape our understanding of the world and the beliefs around us, along with their origins, fictional ones explore the world for what it could be if things were different or similar but just in a different setting. This is why it's always a good idea to keep up with stories.

Learn Honestly

If you’re excited to have interesting conversations with your college peers, it is important for you to know enough to form an opinion on hot topics. Newspapers or social handles of news publications are a good place to start. But it’s also a good idea to explore different schools of thought or enrich your vocabulary on important phenomena.  Remember, the goal is not to sound phony, the goal is to educate yourself before you make any comments on issues that might be sensitive for others. 

Tip: In case you don’t know a lot about a topic yet you feel like you have something to add to the conversation, simply excuse your lack of expertise and state your opinion as a layman or a person who has been following the latest developments on the issue.  

Surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and inspire you - Charles M. Marcus 


Thoughts are funny little things. When out of control, they control you but if you’re thoughtful about them, they assist you! Manifestation is no bibbidy bobbidi boo business, it’s about aligning your thoughts in such a way that they serve you no matter what challenges you prepare yourself for, and that takes time. It’s a daily process, religious in nature and patience is the key to follow through. 

On a different note, learn patience if you feel the lack of it, it’s going to take you places you never imagined yourself in. 


Got time? We say waste it productively. Break the social construct around self-growth with us. Sadly, the way things are right now it is either one extreme or the other when it comes to spending time and effort on your development. Right now the hustle culture has taken one side of the room and laid back living another. But every now and then, through many YouTube and other influencers, we get a glimpse into a life we’d want for ourselves. We just hope this post will set you on the way to build yours. 

Exploration Checklist For Students

- YouTube 

- Udemy 

- Tedx and TedEd 

- Free sibling advice 

- Special skills academy 

- Fictional/Non-Fictional/ classics books, movies, stories

- Specific Groups