Tips to score 90+ in CBSE Class 10 Board Exams

Nov 26, 2021

The Exam season is round the corner, or might we say beginning with the end of this month. However, in a student’s life, it commences a month earlier, with anxiety and exam stress, every day till the exam day feels like a test in itself. 

In addition, there is always the nagging thought of scoring a roaring 90+ in the air, and well in the manifestations of millions. Although, it is imperative to mention that none of it matters if it toys with your mental health, but it is always recommended to shoot for the stars and reach the heavenly sky. 

On account of the aforementioned, Xam idea brings to you a checklist that all attempting the CBSE Class 10 Board Exams dearly deserve. 


  1. SET A REALISTIC TIME TABLE: Nothing that you haven’t been told a thousand times before, and if you still haven’t figured out the appropriate way to go about it, we’re breaking it down for you in even simpler terms.

  • Get yourself a planner- Find planners online, print them out, and put them to use. Or simply purchase one from your nearest stationery store.

  • Make a note of everyday tasks (from eating to bathing and observe the free hours)

  • Set hours or minutes for your study sessions (and remember whatever works for you, is the best) 

  1. SHORT GOALS: The key to setting goals is to construct miniature versions of long-term goals. Think of the entire reaching your goal process as a ladder, every step you walk takes you one step closer to the ultimate goal. This is exactly what short-term goals are for. So question yourself! Where do I want to reach? What should be my first step? Second and fifth? 

  1. STICK TO YOUR SYLLABUS: You were unmistakably wrong! because ‘bahaar se kuch nahi aata hai.’ So while your hands are full of countless chapters, you don’t need to go an extra mile to prepare for something that is not even a part of your curriculum in the first place. Save your efforts and stick to your syllabus!

  1. SELF-STUDY: It’s time to boss yourself around. This might include sitting with your mind that refuses to function but hands that instantly make coffee and voila! You’re good to go.

  1. THE SOONER THE BETTER: Every individual works at their own pace, but it is always advocated to start preparing at the earliest. This, one step, buys substantial room for a second or sometimes even the third round of revision. And hey, we’re the flag-bearers of “revision’s revision”!


  1. KEEP A TAB ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Firstly, let’s get the bad news out of the way! Social media has to be taken down a notch. Now, we’re not going to school you on your social media habits, so we’re suggesting a way to deal with it.

  • Open Instagram

  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of your feed

  • Select Your Activity > Time

  • Set Daily Reminder (to stop using social media and get back your head into books)

  1. WORK ON YOUR WEAK AREAS: Dealing with what makes your mind go bananas, is seemingly the way to ever sit with it. Don’t keep it for the last few days, because putting off the inevitable isn’t the smartest way to proceed while preparing for CBSE Boards Exams or life in general. 

  1. STRATEGIZE A WAY TO LEARN LONG ANSWERS: We assure you that there is hardly anything you can not achieve with strategies. Here is one strategy: Read it out loud to yourself, as many times as you may best believe, give it a few minutes to rest, and continue to write the same on paper.

But we suggest that you try whatever works wonders for YOU.

  1. UNDERLINE/HIGHLIGHT: It’s a child's play- easy, full of colours, and helps you indirectly and immensely. Here’s what to do- highlight and underline things you feel hold significance, while you’re in the first round of preps. This is your way of backing yourself up, so the next time you need to go through a particular chapter, you will have sentences highlighted already. It also comes in handy, right outside the exam room, when you’re trying to absorb sentences. Like Jadu from Koi Mil Gaya soaks the sun rays. 

  1. PREVIOUS YEAR’S PRACTICE PAPERS AND SAMPLE PAPERS: We know you know this, but we are just highlighting in case you have too much on your mind and need a reminder. Sample papers are a google search away and you can always rely on Xam idea’s comprehensive practice papers. We assure you that with the right kind of preparation material, it almost feels like google is sitting right next to you during exams. 

  1. USE CBSE NCERT SOLUTIONS FOR CLASS 10: NCERT class 10 solutions are the bible of every class 10 student to perform better in the exam. We’re not exaggerating! These NCERT solutions for class 10 maths, science, english, social science might just be the secret ingredient to a perfect score exam recipe.

  1. TAKE CARE OF LANGUAGES: Hindi and English or any additional language require effort just like any other subject. In our opinion, the quote “practice makes you perfect” was quoted for studying languages. Here’s one benefit: Studying language gives you an edge, you can always do it via listening to songs or watching movies, but writing and practicing it will take you a step closer to your desired goal.

  1. TAKE REGULAR BREAKS: Don’t burn yourself out, nothing good has ever come out of it. And we suggest you pick a sticky note, write the three golden words, and stick it above your study table, along with DRINK WATER. 


  1. MEDITATE: Well, meditation should not necessarily be restricted up until before the big day. Studies show meditation improves reading comprehension, memory, concentration, stress, and anxiety. Post-meditation your mind is likely to wander off to places like Hogwarts or wherever it is that your thoughts travel to, and you’re more likely to stay focused and centered for longer periods of time. This time, give meditation a shot and witness monumental changes for yourself. 

  1. NIGHT JUST BEFORE THE EXAM: Oh! The monstrosity the night before the exam is. Haven’t we all gone through it? and honestly, the coming together of butterflies and their squishing into your organs is something that will stay with you always. But, to not be an entire bundle of nerves the night before, wrap up your last round of revisions, earlier than 6 pm or 7 or 8 max. And don’t fear the inevitable, just go to bed in time, and let your diligent and determined past few days write the answers. 


  1. READ YOUR QUESTION PAPER WELL: Stating the obvious, but in anticipation and anxiety of attempting, our common sense really takes a back seat. So this is only a gentle reminder. 

  1. USE YOUR 15 MINUTES EFFECTIVELY: Take on the Unseen Passages and MCQs and anything else you have the ability to solve in the first fifteen minutes. It is an effective time saver!

  1. PRIORITIZE THE EASY ONES: Just so you don’t miss out on the questions you know the answer to, we advocate prioritizing the easy ones. You can always save time and later focus on the back-breaking questions. 

  1. KEEP YOUR ANSWER SHEET PRESENTABLE: Do you also start with handwriting as beautiful as swans and with time and questions it resembles a child’s painting? We understand its tiredness and the pit in the stomach and watch on your wrist that acts against your handwriting. So, keep calm, and remember if you attempt the answer with unrecognizable handwriting, the teacher wouldn’t be able to understand anyway. 

  1. RE-READ YOUR ANSWER SHEET: You’re one step closer to walking out of the examination room. But don’t give in to the hurry, not just yet. The little time that you have on your hands, go through, once or twice, however you feel like. 


Our tip: Even if you study for a little time, make sure you’re focused, relaxed, and at peace. With hearts skipping beats and palms sweating, there is only anxiety that can arrive. And this blog is anything but an invitation to the anxious aunty! While we still have you here, we’d like to take this moment to wish you the best of luck and righteousness and happy sunshiny exam days and also remind you that you are a person of thoughts and incandescent caliber and marks will never define your worth. 

So pull up your sleeves and tighten your shoelaces, because you’re going to hit this year’s exams in the bullseye.