Importance of NCERT Books and Solutions for Class 10 and 12

Dec 22, 2021

The exam season is here! Well, when is it not? It never leaves, does it? 

The word exam is enough to send a chill down the spine, especially for students of class 10th and 12th, because of the dreading board exams. 

But let us not discuss them right now. Let’s talk about the easiest ways to prepare for them. One of the ways is to get resourceful study material. And what else could be better than NCERT books?  

NCERT books and NCERT solutions for class 10th and NCERT books and solutions for class 12th are formulated for easy and precise learning of students. The concepts in these books offer fundamental knowledge, and the problems and solutions improve the comprehensive understanding of students. 

But before talking too much about NCERT books and solutions, let us start with the basics, just like the NCERT books.

What is NCERT? 

Set up in 1961 by the government of India, the National School of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an organization to assist and advise the central and state governments on policies and programmes for qualitative improvement in school education. The NCERT offers students all the necessary books and sample papers with solutions following the CBSE guidelines. 

What Are NCERT Books?

Choosing the right study material is quite imperative to study and prepare well for the exams. But it is not easy to find authentic study sources. Students often fall for wrong sources and fail.

 NCERT has been assigned the role of developing textbooks for students in schools at both primary and secondary levels. In NCERT books, students can find all the topics and questions according to the CBSE syllabus, without any confusion. 

Importance of NCERT Books

NCERT books are all-inclusive of the topics in the syllabus and focus on the fundamentals required by the students to clear the concepts. Some of the key benefits and importance of NCERT books are as follows:

  1. Authentic and accurate information

All NCERT books are curated with extensive research by proficient teachers and trainers. The books are thoroughly checked and revised. Students can easily rely on them for their learnings. 

  1. In-depth knowledge 

NCERT books cover a wide range of topics in simple and easy language to help students increase their intelligence quotient. Complex topics are explained well for a better understanding of the students.

  1. Practice questions 

NCERT books also offer practice questions and problems for assessment. Students appearing for the boards can easily practice these questions well for a thorough understanding.  Quizzes, fill in the blanks, long and short answer questions, true-false etc are some types of questions you can find at the end of chapters to practice and test your knowledge.

  1. Scope for higher studies 

One of the best features of NCERT books is that they offer such important information that this study material can be used to clear the basics of several topics for exams like IIT-JEE, NEET etc. 


What Are NCERT Solutions? 

Practice makes everyone perfect. NCERT books provide several questions at the end of each chapter for practice and assessment.  Many online learning platforms offer solutions to these questions, generally called NCERT solutions. 

These are online resource materials that provide all the answers to the practice questions. These questions and solutions are prepared in line with the CBSE curriculum. They focus primarily on testing the knowledge of students and benefit both teachers and students, especially the students in classes 10th and 12th who are appearing for board exams.

Importance of NCERT Solutions For Classes 10th and 12th

NCERT solutions are important and help in enhancing a student’s understanding of a concept. Solving the NCERT questions help the students to revise their syllabus before their exams. 

Students of classes 10th and 12th can benefit a lot from these questions and solutions. Since these questions are prepared according to the CBSE model, they give the students a prior idea about the exam and help them with their time-management skills. 

Having these solutions in hand can save a lot of time and sort many queries. Here are some of the other ways in which NCERT solutions benefit the students of classes 10th and 12th. 


  1. Reliable source
NCERT solutions are curated by experts and proficient teachers that make students easily rely on them. Xam idea is one such source that provides all the solutions to students through their books and app. Here, they can find appropriate solutions to all the NCERT questions along with NCERT exemplar problems and previous year’s exam questions. 

   2. Simple & easy content

All the NCERT solutions for classes 10th and 12th provided by Xam idea experts are curated in simple and easy language. These help in a clear understanding of all the easy and complex topics. 

3. Strengthens the base

NCERT books are curated according to the CBSE pattern with all the relevant information. Reading them and solving the questions help students in strengthening their base and knowledge of the concepts. The chapter-wise NCERT solutions on the Xam idea app and Xam idea books provide a solid base for class 10th and 12th students. 

4. Apt for board exams

Be it organic and inorganic compounds of chemistry, diagrams of biology, maps of social science, or balance sheets in accounts, classes 10th and 12th have vast sets of concepts and subjects to learn and revise. Going through the NCERT questions and solutions can help in proper revision, especially of important topics.       

5.   Clears all the doubts

All the subjects with numericals like physics, chemistry, maths, accounts etc require more and more practising before the board exams. Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to come up with logical explanations of problems and students have to waste a lot of time finding the answers. So, to clear all the doubts and confusion, you can simply go for Xam idea NCERT solutions for class 10 and Xam idea NCERT solutions for class 12. The solutions in books and app are provided by subject experts and can help you in understanding all the methods and important steps you need to write in the board exams.

6. Helpful during the preparation of Competitive Exams 

Since NCERT books help students in strengthening their base, these books benefit them after the board exams as well. NCERT books cover many topics that students might need while preparing for undergraduate and graduate-level competitive exams like JEE Main, NEET, CAT and more.

7. Boots confidence 

The NCERT solutions boost the confidence of students and help them in scoring good marks by providing proper solutions with diagrams and explainers. Students can easily practice all the quizzes, fill in the blanks, short and long answer questions which give them more confidence and motivation to appear for exams.

Where can we find NCERT Solutions? 
While there are ample sources on the internet providing NCERT solutions, how could one find the authentic source is the question? 
  1. Well, one must keep in mind to first check properly before trusting any source. 

    Go through the entire document and see whether they are providing all the detailed solutions or not? 
  2. Check whether the topics and concepts covered are following the CBSE curriculum or not? 
  3. Try to cross-check some answers before blindly trusting them.
  4. Research well before going with the solution. 
In this case, Xam idea can prove to be a real-time-saver for you. 
Xam idea brings to you a comprehensive app and books that include all the NCERT Solutions for all subjects.
The Xam idea books and app are collated by proficient experts in the field of teaching and learning who, after in-depth research, come with solutions for all the problems. All the solutions are revised and checked to offer quality solutions to the students. Students can solve the questions and check the solutions to identify their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects. 
Bonus- if a student has extra doubts and queries, they can always contact the subject experts on the Xam idea app and get solutions for all their problems. 

The not-so-last words! 

Preparing for board exams is a nightmare. The pressure, stress, fear and everything else literally double up and often make one paranoid about their preparation. Students are constantly worried about the right books, study material, important topics, detailed methods etc. In this case, NCERT books and NCERT solutions come as the most trustworthy saviour. 

While we understand the urge to study from 7-8 reference books at a time, sometimes too many books can spoil the preparation. Just saying!