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Class 6 carries forward the student’s journey closer to the high school. Accordingly, the school load increases and so do the expectations. While some newer concepts are introduced, old ones are built upon by exploring further lessons associated with them. Class 6 new memories are accompanied by new stories and more words for their vocabulary.

Students may grow up at any pace, they’re always expected to match a certain level of sophistication when it comes to writing and formulating. Luckily, with ever-growing needs comes upgrades in Xam idea’s class 6 study material as well.

How we can help

As your trusted study partner, we’re here to make sure that the beginning of your journey is smooth. Starting with the basics, you can access NCERT solutions for all subjects from class 6.

Simply head to the respective link and get access to accurate and stimulating solutions right from the comfort of your study space.

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There are two different types of merits of accessing these online study materials.

1. The solutions to these class 6 questions were crafted by a team of subject experts who are humble educators by nature. Our company’s culture encourages them to cross-check each other’s work and brainstorm together regularly.

2. These solutions are based on NCERT questions which means they not only follow the class 6 CBSE curriculum closely but they also are some of the most relevant questions from an examination point of view.

Choosing the Right Study Material Online to Ace Your Exams

Preparation for examination and preparation for a simple classroom quiz always looks different, then why should the study material be the same?

While a simple quiz may be aced by just memorizing the coursebook, the proper examination requires study material compiled specifically for that purpose.

Here is how Xam idea adds to the furtherance of your preparatory process -

1. NCERT solutions: We offer factual, precise and error-free NCERT solutions along with NCERT Exemplar solutions for certain subjects like Maths and Science.

2. Sample Papers: Xam idea texts introduce students to sample papers for internal assessments and external assessments separately. This ensures that the students only cover what’s essential.

Did you know that apart from our Periodic Tests and Model Test Papers, students can now give AI-generated tests on our app?

3. Updated Syllabus: One of the key features of our books is that we stay relevant by following CBSE’s curriculum closely. For the students, it just means that they’ll always get updated content with our products.

4. Important Questions: Apart from all the important questions that are covered, Xam idea books also have original questions based on important topics to help students’ overall thinking and learning process.

5 Language Subjects: Language subjects are not like other subjects. They can and are expected to be subjective in nature. Our language subjects’ solutions are designed to have a polished vocabulary for your lexicon and intriguing and well-thought answers for the examiner.

Pro Tip: Referring to our online study material is similar to taking notes from the teachers or subject experts. Our solutions provide a yardstick against which students can measure their answers and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Why go for Xam idea’s NCERT Solutions?

At the very core of its model, Xam idea gives priority to smart learning along with hard work but here’s the catch, most of the hard work we do for you! Here’s how –

1. Xam idea offers a summarised and clear view of the basic concepts at the beginning of each chapter.

2. The students can find appropriate solutions to all the NCERT questions along with NCERT Exemplar problems and questions from the Previous Year’s Examination.

3. All of this is compiled by a team of subject experts specialists who have a safe space to brainstorm in their respective subjects department.

4. Xam idea is based on NCERT books and follows strictly the CBSE curriculum.

Our subject maestros are veteran professionals who work with students on our app regularly, and have been creating Model Question Papers for practice and solving CBSE Sample Papers for years now.

NCERT & CBSE Study Materials: All Your Questions Answered